Ashtanga Yoga Spring Pop-Up
with Sue Crow
Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March 2020
at The Yoga Barn
Dumbreck Stables
Pollock Park
82 Dumbreck Road
Glasgow G41  4SN

The weekend can be booked in full or each session can be booked individually. All sessions are suitable for practitioners of all levels of experience as well as other styles of yoga. Being familiar with the Sun Salutations or variations of these is beneficial.

Price for the full weekend including lunch
Price for individual sessions as below
Saturday 20/03/2020

10am - 12pm

Self Assisted Practice

Mysore Style

12 - 1.30pm

Break and light lunch

1.30 - 3.30pm


- Core Strength

In this workshop we start with a 10 minute core strengthening sequence to warm up & prepare the body, before taking a closer look at the Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara A&B) & the transitions (vinyasa - synchronising breath & movement) that string all postures (Asana) together. 

We will then playfully explore some of the more challenging balancing poses & inversions.

Finding a strong foundation & building strength are key to safely experience lightness. from the basic standing poses to the more demanding balancing poses, inversions & back bending poses, all require strength, balance & stability to experience the benefits.


The session will conclude with a 10 minute relaxation to restore us, feeling grounded & calm.

Sunday 22/03/2020

10am - 12 pm

Twisting out Winter

In this workshop we explore our spinal mobility by deconstructing standing, seated & supine poses encompassing twists to restore & retain our natural range of spinal movement whilst remaining safely rooted in our foundation.


Twists support our spinal mobility & back health, aid healthy digestion & have a destressing as well as energising effect on the nervous system.

Poses (Asana) involving twists create space in the chest, shoulders, back & neck. Lengthening & strengthening the muscles & tissues surrounding our spine support an overall better physical posture.

Practising twists regularly will over time encourage deeper, fuller & rhythmic breathing which helps to release tension held in our bodies. 


The session will conclude with a 15 minute relaxation to restore you & allow the body to assimilate the information gained during the workshop.

This session is suitable for practitioners of all levels of experience as well as other styles of yoga. 


Please note that practising deep twists is not suitable during pregnancy and may aggravate pre-existing spinal conditions or injuries.

12pm - 2 pm

Break and light lunch

2pm - 4 pm

Workshop - Foundation in Backbends

Energising backbends often bring us out of our comfort zone as we don't usually bend backwards as we go through our daily life.

Many of us encounter fear or discomfort when practising backbends before finding joy in the invigorating surge of energy these postures can bring.


In this workshop we focus on finding a strong foundation to safely experience a sequence of postures involving bending backwards.


Backbends can help improve posture, open the shoulders & chest, encourage deeper breathing, stretch the hip flexors, strengthen the legs, arms & back.


The class will conclude with a 15 minute relaxation to restore us, feeling grounded & calm.


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